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Eye on the World

What’s in the news—and how might you pray about it? Sentinel editors share prayerful insights into news stories from around the world, and provide links to related articles on JSH-Online.

Stability in governments, and for peace among the nations of the world, can be shored up through our prayers for mankind.

Eye on the world: Lifting the drought

Our prayers can help alleviate the persistent droughts in India and other parts of the world.

Eye on the world: Lifting China out of poverty

God, divine Love, cares for and sustains His creation, including all mankind.

Eye on the world: Unity for all

Christianly Scientific prayer recognizes that harmony and understanding are natural in government, business, family, and community.

Eye on the world: A different response to terrorism

In response to the need for peace on earth, Christian Science shows how prayer can have a healing and redeeming effect for all mankind.

Praying to destroy the belief of a power for evil will aid those facing persecution for their religious convictions.

Our prayers can help protect and strengthen the innocence of children.

Our prayers—acknowledging the inherent freedom of all of God’s children—can help break cycles of abuse and violence.

Eye on the world: Prayer for Venezuela

Our “deep and conscientious protests of Truth” (Mary Baker Eddy, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, p. 12) can be a powerful contribution to bringing stability and peace to Venezuela, and all mankind.

Eye on the world: True health care

True and permanent health is the spiritual status that every person is endowed with as a child of God.

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