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Our right to be inspired

We can all experience Spirit’s animating divine influence by turning to God—and not just in times of need but as a daily practice.
This way of “preaching” results in a healing church service. The pastor opens the door for anyone to feel God’s presence and to hear Him speak directly to their heart.

You are not matter

The concept of being made in God’s image and likeness is key to understanding that matter is nothing.

Never out of place

Rather than feeling out of place, we can find the peace and permanence that come from knowing we are always one with the good that is God. 
When I thought about the ever-presence and goodness of God, I started to have healings.
TeenConnect: Your Healings

My healing of a bad burn

Healing doesn’t come from me pushing for it to happen but through understanding God.
Testimony of Healing

A rescue at sea

I prayed, “Peace, be still.” The waves only grew bigger, but I felt an immediate peace and calm in my thinking. At that point, I knew I would get through this unharmed. 
Testimony of Healing
I reasoned that I must be perfect, painless, and whole—unable to manifest any condition that is unlike God, good.
Testimony of Healing

Prayer dissolves skin growth

Keeping my thought on the spiritual fact of God’s allness and goodness, I became less and less impressed by the physical appearance.
Bible Lens


Prophecy and revelation are to be kept alive, their genuineness nature proved in daily experience.

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