Good enough to be true!

As we get to know our all-loving and all-powerful God, we discover that no good is too good to be true.

A couple of years ago I told a friend at church about two healings experienced by members of my extended family. First, through prayer, a family pet was quickly healed of an inability to walk. A few weeks later, its owner was healed of injuries following a severe blow to his head. Although not a Christian Scientist, he welcomed our prayers. After a trip to the emergency room and tests, he was sent home because they couldn’t find anything wrong; he was healed and experienced no aftereffects. 

As I related these experiences to my friend, I admitted that as I prayed the second time, I was hopeful, but also wondered if another quick healing was too much to expect and would be too good to be true. My friend, a seasoned Christian Scientist, lovingly replied, “In reality, another quick healing is good enough to be true.” 

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May 16, 2022

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