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Even when healings don’t happen as quickly as we would like, there should never come a time when we stop insisting on the fact of God’s love for us, even the all-presence and power of divine Love itself. 
Maintaining godly thoughts about everyone we see, and mentally reversing negative suggestions, helps to remove the burdens that plague humanity. 

“No!” and know

With the pain I was experiencing in my back, a new idea inspired me: to not only say no but to also know.


We can rise in the strength of Spirit to persevere on our path. 
We can rewrite the past in accord with spiritual reality and prove mistakes powerless to prolong or even produce sorrow, futility, or defeat.
Confidence began to well up within me as I learned of my God-given perfection and completeness. 

Forward motion

When you start with God, you can find ways to move forward. 

Mr. Bumblebee flies home

Mr. Bumblebee had all the intelligence he needed, coming straight from God!

Rotation in office

Dear Members and Friends,
Testimony of Healing
When my mom came home, my dad pointed to me and at the top of his voice told her, “That child healed me.”
Testimony of Healing
I continued diligently pondering the depth of each name for God, letting my consciousness be filled with the endless good qualities they express. As I let these qualities envelop me, I felt an even deeper sense of God’s presence, and along with it, an inner calm. 
Testimony of Healing

Saved from drowning

As I yielded to the conviction that we were actually safe in the loving care of our divine Father-Mother, a great calm came over me.
Bible Lens


The Jewish concept of truth includes stability, certainty, and trustworthiness.
Bible Lens


To the Hebrew people, God’s Word was more than an utterance; the Word itself had power. 

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