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Spiritually perceived, we live in a Messianic age without beginning or end.
I felt that divine Love had guided me each step of the way, and therefore I could not be left out of any work that was mine to do.

Healing the past

When we view life from a spiritual perspective, we will no longer feel compelled to ruminate over painful or wistful memories, nor let them define or limit us. Instead, we will rejoice in and embrace the wondrous ways in which God leads us forward.

The “Daily Prayer” won the day!

I prayed with a deep desire to grow in grace. 
TeenConnect: Your Healings
When things in her family spiraled out of control, this teen turned to the example of Jesus’ life for help on how to love and forgive. 
Testimony of Healing
In the Bible we read, “O Lord my God, I cried unto thee, and thou hast healed me” (Psalms 30:2). I had definitely cried out to God during this episode, and that was enough.

Shoulder injury healed

I affirmed that God, who governs all in complete harmony, wouldn’t and couldn’t cause or allow a mishap.

No more COVID symptoms

I quickly realized that I had been unconsciously “influenced erroneously” by nothing more than a random, erroneous thought of disease, and at that very moment the threat lost all its power to scare me.

There is no woe to pass

Enjoy this week’s poetic offering.
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To Paul, both the spirit and the understanding are vital to the encouragement and comfort of listeners.

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