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A new view of normal

If unvarying good is the fact of being, and we’re each actually spiritual, then illness, discord, accident, and injustice have no standing in this spiritual creation. Here is a “new normal” to be reckoned with!
To find true and lasting health, we need to see that life is actually in and of Spirit, not material at all.
From the Editors
Published interviews, articles, and letters to newspaper editors in 1900 and 1901 offered a consistent message from Eddy: The practice of her religion was not a threat to public health.
The qualities of flexibility, compassion, and humility are key in silencing divisive opinions and viewpoints.

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Lost and found

Gregory knew God’s love was here, there, and everywhere, taking care of everyone. He didn’t doubt it for a minute.
Testimony of Healing

Healed during church

I came out of church completely healed.
Testimony of Healing

Broken bone healed

I prayed not just for the healing of a broken bone, but for all the aspects of life I felt could be improved upon.
Testimony of Healing

Sickness quickly disappears

I can know myself only as God knows me—as His likeness, which is whole and perfect.
Bible Lens

Probation After Death

Shining a light on the weekly Bible Lessons published in the Christian Science Quarterly® 

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