The harbinger of light

To those struggling with a sense of darkness, Christian Science offers enlightenment and hope. Darkness comes in different forms: discouragement, depression, perhaps hopelessness in the face of some challenging circumstance. Or loneliness, which has been called a national epidemic. In the pitch darkness of such unpleasant states of thought, we may be tempted to ask, Is there really a God who can help and save us?

But the darkest moments of our lives can be the harbingers of the greatest light. Right where no light of promise seems to shine, we can be on the cusp of the brightest dawn. This is because the irresistible light of Christ, or spiritual Truth, is always present to penetrate the darkness wherever we are. Then and there is God’s arm—His power to save and heal—revealed by the Christ, Truth. “I will redeem you with a stretched out arm” (Exodus 6:6).

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July 6, 2020

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