A quick healing of swimmer’s ear

After a long day at school, there’s nothing I like better than being in the pool. I swim about three times a week, and my favorite strokes are freestyle and butterfly. I love swimming because it makes me feel so free—like I am flying. 

A few years ago, though, I got an ear infection called swimmer’s ear. At first, I tried to will my way through the pain. During the practice in which my ear began to hurt intensely, I did my best to ignore the problem and swim through it. Obviously, that didn’t work, and I felt frustrated. I didn’t want to have to miss practices or take any time off from swimming. 

The pain was completely gone.

In the Christian Science Sunday School, I’ve learned to pray, so I wanted to pray about my ear. That night before bed I talked to my dad about it and told him I was frustrated and wanted to be healed. My dad shared a really interesting idea with me. He had me close my eyes and picture a tiny zero the size of a pea. 

“How much does that equal?” he asked. 

Of course I said that it equaled nothing. 

Then he had me imagine a huge, towering zero. His point was that even though the zero I was picturing seemed so big, it was still nothing. 

I realized how this applied to the ear problem. I’ve learned in Sunday School that God is all good and loving. And since God is All, there is no room for pain or anything bad. That means that something like an ear problem can’t exist; it’s actually a zero. It doesn’t matter how big the zero seems to be—in other words, it doesn’t matter if the problem is scary, painful, or impressive—because it’s still a zero. It’s nothing, because good, health, and harmony come from God and are real. I fell asleep thinking about this idea. 

The next day I was able to go back to swimming without any problem. The pain was completely gone, and I was healed. 

Since this healing, I’ve realized how this same idea can apply to big-scale problems. Whether I’m facing something as “small” as a headache or something that seems much bigger, it’s still always equal to zero. God has all the power, and I’m grateful to have proved this for myself.

Testimony of Healing
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December 16, 2019

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