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From the readers

[Douglas Paul, “Is spiritual power relevant to political campaigns?
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Praise God!

I like to consider how I can just praise divine Love itself.

The reason for Christmas joy

Phrases such as “Merry Christmas” and “Joy to the world” ring out during Advent as people eagerly prepare for Christmas.

‘Whose day is it, anyway?’

What truly governs the day is not happenstance or our personal abilities but God’s law of perpetual harmony.
Every day, humanity is confronted with various kinds of lack—lack of money or job opportunities, lack of health, lack of peace, lack of love, lack of meaning, lack of good government, and so on.

Praying the news

Following the news can feel pretty grim these days.
Dialogue With The World

Speaking justly of Mary Baker Eddy

It is true enough that Mary Baker Eddy’s writings sometimes drew derision from the literary scions of her day, including William Dean Howells.
The pain was completely gone.
Testimony of Healing

Up and active again after a fall

Early one morning, it was still dark as I was leaving the house to go to the airport.
Testimony of Healing

Shattered wrist bones healed

My summer in Switzerland with a family that wanted an English immersion experience brought great opportunity to study and practice Christian Science.
Testimony of Healing
I first heard of Christian Science several decades ago when, as an Army officer, I had been assigned to a new post to attend a military war college.
Image and Inspiration

"Sing praise, O waking heart ..."


Thinking for ourselves

Our work is to discern between thoughts that are unlike God and thoughts that come from the divine influence in consciousness.
Bible Lens

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