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From the readers

[Judy Wolff, “A selfless Christmas,” Sentinel, December 25, 2017]
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Man is joyous because he is always at one with God, who is all good and creates only good.
In difficult moments I have felt the greatest comfort from the understanding I’ve been gaining of Life as spiritual.

To be a true witness

In order to be witnesses to God, we need to understand God.
In the consciousness of God, we are always healthy, holy, and harmonious. 
Turning Points In Spiritual Growth

No more aggressive doubt

I grew up in a dedicated Christian Science family.
All that I am becomes a little clearer each day—and I know now that that’s all I want.
Testimony of Healing

Paralysis reversed

Turning to God to meet any need in life has been natural for me since my early days in the Christian Science Sunday School.
Testimony of Healing
Over many years I have had physical exams for a variety of reasons.
Testimony of Healing

Horse healed of pain

Every morning, I take a little time to study the Christian Science weekly Bible Lesson before I head out to the barn to feed the horses.
'To Bless All Mankind'

The lights must shine on

When the final history of October’s mass killing in Las Vegas is written, it will not be complete without a mass retelling of how people responded during the carnage:
'To Bless All Mankind'
“Thoughts and prayers.

What it means to be spiritual

We are not stuck with being known by a personal profile nor trapped in an inferior sense of self, but are known by God as the loved of Love.
Bible Lens

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