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I’ve been feeling a deepening commitment to another way to show my support for the Olympics: prayer.
Our prayers for the Olympic Games can help uplift the atmosphere of thought and destroy fear.
Comfort From The Psalms
Psalm 121 has been a comfort and a guide to me for a long time.

When I wanted a puppy

I felt as if I’d been asking for a dog my whole life.
Testimony of Healing

Malaria healed

Years ago, I had an experience that proved to me God’s ability to heal and save in any circumstance and showed me that prayer can bring healing when we are faced with malaria or any other disease.
Bible Lens
Testimony of Healing

Hemorrhaging stops

A few years ago my husband came home from work and collapsed on the kitchen floor.
Testimony of Healing
During summer vacation one year, I had just finished a wonderful day of beach volleyball training with a professional, to better myself as a coach, and all was going fine until I helped him pick up a large shade tent.
'To Bless All Mankind'
Few events cultivate as deep and enthusiastic a sense of nationalism as the Olympic Games, a weeks-long parade of national colors and elite sporting prowess.
'To Bless All Mankind'

Home—the kingdom of heaven within

The first refugee Olympic team, the topic of the article on the facing page, is an inspiration for stateless people everywhere.
Guest Editorial

A deeper search for God—whatever the cost

Throughout recorded history, men and women have broken through barriers of time, space, ability, endurance—individuals who had a glimpse of our innate ability to excel, and ran faster, climbed higher, plunged into the ocean depths, explored the wonders of space.
Prayer has a vital role to play in keeping us and others safe.

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