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Share how you found Christian Science
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I learned that peace, health, and holiness can be found through the line of demarcation that is spiritual understanding. 
God, divine Mind—as opposed to a human, limited mind—is infinite in His provision for us.

Silence the inner cynic

“At its root,” explains this writer, “cynicism is a rejection of the Christ, God’s message of good to mankind.” But no one is doomed to be a cynic; we are each actually empowered by God to reject the pessimistic pull of cynicism—and to “survey the scene around us with a prayerful expectation of good.”

Stilling the storm

Through prayer, we are able to feel the assurance of God’s loving protection abiding with us all. 
How I Found Christian Science

A Sentinel finds a seeker for Truth

Years ago, I found a Christian Science Sentinel in a beauty shop.
Bible Lens
There was nowhere I could be, not a single leg of that race, where God wouldn’t be.
Testimony of Healing

Walking with Love

From early girlhood I have loved the hymn that begins, “I walk with Love along the way”.
Testimony of Healing
I was raised in the Christian faith, but like a good number of Africans, I grew up in an environment where culture and tradition have a strong influence on beliefs.
Testimony of Healing
One Wednesday evening I was not feeling well.
Image and Inspiration

'But He whose Spirit searcheth deep...'

Family paddle boarding on the American River, Sacramento, California
Guest Editorial
Christ Jesus taught his followers to detect and remove mental stumbling blocks.

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