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[“Overcoming fear of flying,” Manuela Meier, May 5, 2014, issue]
Passing “the test of all prayer” requires us to love our far-off neighbors—people we don’t know, from different cultures.

Surfing with Spirit

During one of those waiting periods, I found myself wanting to use the time more wisely. 

The race set before us

We each have a unique race set before us, giving us opportunities to express divine Soul, the source of our original identity and talent.
We are pleased to reprint this selection from the August 17, 1899, issue of the Sentinel.
Spiritual Lens
<div class="inline-quote"> &lt;div class="inline-quote"&gt; &lt;p&gt;Perfect and pure, ineffable in beauty,&lt;br&gt;   Thy stainless radiance e’en to us impart,&lt;br&gt;Till in reflection finding all our duty,&lt;br&gt;   We see the glory shine from heart to heart.
In the Christian Science Bible Lesson
This week’s Christian Science Bible Lesson, “God the Only Cause and Creator,” establishes facts about who we are as part of God’s glorious creation and how those facts ensure blessings for us.
The Touch of Class

At the top of the list

At the end of my freshmen year in college, I really began to see the need to have Christian Science Primary class instruction.
God is guarding and protecting everyone in the pool, and in my job I am simply expressing Him.
Testimony of Healing

Safe horseback ride home

When my family and I were staying in a hacienda on vacation, we decided to go horseback riding.
Testimony of Healing

Of stones and bones

While in grade school I became fascinated with dinosaurs.
Testimony of Healing
Before I began studying Christian Science six years ago, neck pains and headaches were very common in my day-to-day life.
From the Editors
The fact of perfect God, and man expressing God’s perfection, is your foundation.

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