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[“Rethinking the pursuit of wealth,” Paul Collins, April 21, 2014, Sentinel]

Watch and pray

When you’re using your spiritual senses, you’re drawing closer to God, so you’re more aware 
of the presence of good, and of God’s ever-present help for us.

The eagle's nest

I learned day by day to companion with God and look to Him to meet my needs.
This God-given capacity to understand the difference between good and evil is a quality of spiritual sense.

God at the top of my list

Jesus was acting under the impulsion of his divinely appointed mission.

Undistorted images

We always have the opportunity to select the “delete mode” in our thinking and reject any suggestions of imperfection.

Rotation in office of JSH Editor

Dear Fellow Members and Friends,
Spiritual Lens

Endless day

No light-blocked shadows,Error’s silhouettes,Can lurk within Truth’s brilliance,Where the transparency      of true identityShines out unhindered,Never bound by endless night,But always free to safely stayIn Your eternal day.
In the Christian Science Bible Lesson

Darkness denounced!

The Touch of Class

Inspired obedience

I was a single parent with two children, teaching in a private school in west Texas, when the desire and direction came for me to take Christian Science Primary class instruction from a Christian Science teacher in New York City.

Being brave

I go to school in Australia.
Testimony of Healing
About ten years ago I started to develop a bulge in my lower abdomen.
Testimony of Healing
Last year, while hosting a Christmas party for family and friends, I was toasting some canapés in the broiler.
Testimony of Healing

Painful growth disappears

Last spring, during a semester away at college, I found myself going through a difficult time with one of my best friends.
Testimony of Healing
About 40 years ago, when I was starting Christian Science nurses’ training after I graduated from college, a bleak sense of impenetrable darkness—feelings of hopelessness and worthlessness—settled on me one night, to the point that suicide seemed not just a reasonable option but the next best step.
Testimony of Healing

God is always with us

I grew up in Georgia, a small country in the South Caucasus.
From the Editors

Prayer for Christians

The message of these two great spiritual leaders is clear: Hatred has no place in the heart of a Christian, even when it may seem justified.

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