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[“Dissolving ‘unnatural reluctance,’ ” Charles Cohn, March 24, 2014, Sentinel]
I began to consider that my freedom from this addiction was connected to my grasping more clearly the truth about my preexistence with God.

Coram Deo

I knew I needed to draw near to God and all that is substantial.
Instantly the loneliness and depression left me, and I felt a sense of peace and well-being.

Educated in grace

My focus now began to change from fitness as a runner to spiritual fitness as a child of God.
Spiritual Lens

Coming home

In the cold enclave of self-righteousnessFrom the false confidence and      shallowness of human willOut of the mire of self-searching      and doubtDawns a new light, brighter still
In the Christian Science Bible Lesson
This week’s Christian Science Bible Lesson, titled “Everlasting Punishment,” begins with the promise of God’s “everlasting kindness”.
Spiritual Perspective on Books
For many of us, it’s one of the great ironies of our time that with more than 2,000 books on the attainment of self-esteem now published, and with educational programs in schools designed to cultivate self-esteem continuing to proliferate, the real need is for self-forgetfulness—rooted in our understanding of God.

Our healings

Three children from a Christian Science Sunday School in Washington State share with the Sentinel how they’ve been healed through prayer.
Testimony of Healing

Freed from alcoholism

One day my dad came rushing in the front door and told my mother about a wonderful talk he had heard on the car radio about a religion called Christian Science: “They talked about ideas I’ve never heard before! They mentioned a book, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures.
Testimony of Healing

Injured wrist healed

One day last year I was taking my wife back to the nursing home, where she lives, after an outing.
Testimony of Healing

Toothache gone

About the middle of August 2011, I found myself reading the weekly Christian Science Bible Lesson with unusual eagerness.
Testimony of Healing

Finger healed

Several years after we had built a new home, a job opportunity for my husband opened up in a different state.
Testimony of Healing

Nothing too 'small' for God

A couple weeks ago I was eating some popcorn and one of the hulls ended up at the far back of my throat or tongue—I couldn’t tell which.
From the Editors

I see the light!

Darkness has never once, in all of history, created anything, destroyed anything, or caused even the slightest change. 

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