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[“Divine Love’s parental guidance,” October 20, 2014, Sentinel]
Lead Article
The Ten Commandments express God’s law, which is all-powerful.
A Christian Scientist is engaged in a battle with the belief that man’s existence is material.

Can we be too generous?

When God is recognized as the source and man as the expression of God, it becomes less and less a personal sense of how much or how little to give; rather, it is the manifestation of God’s largesse.

Love and forgive

I stalwartly continued to pray that my colleague was loved by God.
We’re pleased to share this new setting of Mary Baker Eddy’s poem “Christmas Morn,” as we continue our preview of some of the hymns that will be included in the next Christian Science Hymnal Supplement.
In the Christian Science Bible Lesson

Not two, but one

The human mind tends to divide everything into categories—good/bad, true/false, tangible/intangible, and so forth.
Primary Class Instruction
Before marrying my husband, I had no idea what Christian Science was.
God didn’t see me as struggling to accomplish a human task of achieving
a good score.
Testimony of Healing

Movement is in Mind

The pain in my right shoulder was immediate and quite intense.
Testimony of Healing

Knee pain healed

Five years ago, I was in severe pain every time I bent or stretched my legs.
Testimony of Healing

Proofs of God’s love in my life

I was introduced to Christian Science a few years ago by a friend who lives in my neighborhood.
From the Editors

Nearer each day

Through humble petitions to God to know Him better, and affirmations of His goodness and all-power, we can continually draw nearer to Him.

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