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Sacred solitude

When I am alone, I find I have an opportunity to practice the discipline to "know thyself."

Grace at work

I opened my thinking to the signs of God's goodness going on around me.

Challenge the premise

One morning I looked out the breakfast room window in our high-rise apartment and saw a familiar outline at a desk in the office building across from us—a round shape very close to a computer screen, seemingly lost in thought.
We are always poised as a transparency for God's wisdom.
The frailties and limitations of so-called old age are not actualities created by God; they are mental suggestions.
Spiritual Lens

"When God is seen with men to dwell..."

Lake Slidrefjord, in the vicinity of Lillehammer, Norway
In the Christian Science Bible Lesson
“Probation After Death” is one of the theological topics Mary Baker Eddy anticipated would be at the forefront of thought through the centuries.
How I Found Christian Science

Sustained in a new country

In the late 1970s, I arrived in the United States with my seven-year-old daughter to join my husband, who had already been here for three years.

Our constant home

On God, His children do rely.


I couldn't be outside of God's presence.
Testimony of Healing

'Hid with Christ,' not judged

Last year I was a resident counselor for a college study-abroad program.
Testimony of Healing

Signs of hemorrhoids disappear

One afternoon in October 2009, when some friends came to visit me, the subject of hemorrhoids and their causes came up.
Testimony of Healing

Pain-free vision

A little over a year ago, I inadvertently poked myself pretty hard in one eye.
Testimony of Healing
Throughout Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures and her other writings, Mary Baker Eddy uses terms like Father-Mother, God and God.
From the Editors
Hatred, whatever form it may take, has never been and never will be a part of God's plan for humanity. 

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