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When I picked up the February 18 Sentinel, I must admit to passing over the first article “To end all wars,” reading the rest of the articles and testimonies, noting many helpful ideas, and then setting it aside.
There are no odds that we must overcome to achieve success. God guides and directs each of us.

Treat yourself

It doesn't matter if the whole world thinks they see it; I can't see it because it's not there.

Can hoarding be healed?

The scope of our prayer often needs to be less pious and more tender.
I could honestly respond, "I feel absolutely safe."
How I Found Christian Science

My steppingstone

There are so many tales of how people have found Christian Science.
Spiritual Lens

Into the woods

Olympic Peninsula, Washington State
In the Christian Science Bible Lesson
Recently when I was feeling quite sad about a situation, I remembered a saying on a mug at a friend’s home.
The Touch of Class

The way will open

At one time I was active in a healing practice in another denomination, but you could say I was also “circling” Christian Science for over 30 years.

Courtside prayer

I knew that a picture of injury wasn't the real story, and that I could be healed.
Testimony of Healing

Healed through praising God

The Bible, especially in the book of Psalms, tells us to praise God.
Testimony of Healing

Persistent prayer heals back pain

Some healings come quickly, others take some persistence.
Testimony of Healing

Flu symptoms gone

Several months ago, I came down with the flu.
Testimony of Healing
My teenage daughter and I were vacationing in a country where I did not know anyone.
From the Editors
A genuinely moral life is one that rises up with the power of divine Love to overthrow materialism.

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