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The 2003 holiday season has slipped into the past tense, and your copy of Dr.


The Sentinel parades a spectacular range of healings that I never want to miss.
items of Interest

items of interest

"Welcome to the Journey.
A New Year's resolution to receive God's daily guidance through a Bible verse leads to confidence, invigoration, and healing.
By sharing inspiration freely and unselfishly, one person can help another find a life of greater peace and health.

the POWER of KNOWING your own HEART

Knowing ourselves is only possible if we know others too, in their spiritual identity.


Very early in our teens when we began dating, Annette told me about her fears of having a weak heart.

'God kept me alive'

Out of the rubble of a devastating earthquake in Iran comes an example of spiritual faith for all to follow.
Prayer rooted in understanding our relationship with God is an effective means of coping with pain and fear, as this author proved.
Holy Scripture is the inspiring Word of God. How could it ever be dull?
The next in our continuing series on what church membership can do for you, your neighbor, and the world.
Have we done the spirituality thing ?
SPIRITUAL focus on books

Queen Esther's guide to business

Esther's story is "not about ancient Persia," says Bible scholar Charles Swindoll, "it's about us.

What's the good news?

A snow advisory for the area softly crawled across the bottom of my TV screen during a newscast.
Testimony of Healing

Freedom from migraines

I began to understand that I was God's spiritual creation—already perfect.

Testimony of Healing

Back pain and injury healed

I'm very grateful for all that the study of Christian Science has brought to my life.
Testimony of Healing
A few years ago, in July of 1994, I found I needed help in my life.
FROM THE editors

In everyday living, it is possible to bring healing and change to difficult relationships, to mend broken hearts—to heal disease.

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