At the edge of the forest—prayer for fire safety

Hundreds of thousands of acres of forest have burned this past summer. Not only in the western United States and Canada, but also in Portugal, France, Spain, Croatia, and Russia, drought and high temperatures set the scene for a season of fires that caused the evacuation of many thousands of residents while calling for an influx of thousands of firefighters. These numbers would be completely daunting, were it not for the power of prayer. One person's prayer can make a huge difference. I've spent a lot of time, a lot of prayer, on fire-related safety, especially in the past several years after moving to the mountains of Colorado.

Visiting the Rocky Mountains as a teenager, I just loved the woods and the tall peaks. Since moving to Buena Vista, Colorado, five years ago, I've come to love the forest more than ever. I wouldn't call myself a "tree-hugger," because I'm not sure that description really fits the kind of love I feel for this natural environment. What I feel is an affinity for something all-comprehensive, something inspired by God, who is divine Love. Spelled with a capital L, Love signifies a supreme power that encompasses every idea and every consideration, and loves purely (see Science and Health, p. 465).

Love outshines racial and ethnic differences
September 22, 2003

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