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Porch-step thoughts

THE FLOWER BED by the side porch of my grandmother's house in Dallas, where my family lived when I was little, was lush with deep pink four-o'clocks.


Takashi Oka's article, "No enemies in the kingdom," in your April 28 issue stirred a beautiful memory of a lesson learned.
items of interest

items of interest

"For years, Wanda Livingston tried everything to overcome her addictions.

The decisions you make

"God's love for me is constant," says Olson, "and so He continues to show me the right way to go, no matter how long it takes for me to finally 'get it.' "

To think independently

Seeking divine guidance on how to think and act doesn't take away a person's independence—it enhances it!

Open to ideas

Here are some helpful points on how to listen for, and hear, God's voice speaking to you.
Health and harmony are not some far-off hope. They are within the reach of everyone, here and now, through the power of prayer.

'Your audience always includes God'

Flutist Frances Blaisdell Williams has an inspiring love of music that she's been sharing with students for decades. In her studio, everything is possible.
"If you take apicture of the BrooklynBridge, you're notgoing to get the EmpireState Building.
When this woman yearned to comfort people thousands of miles away who were suffering, she found a meaningful way to begin—without leaving her home.
Do you have a school you can pray for?
IF YOU HAVE participated in sports, can you think back to one of your most successful and stress-free performances?

---- 100 years ago

GATHERING NEWS STORIES with a spiritual perspective week by week, we wondered what kinds of material the Sentinel of 100 years ago carried.

One job at a time

A FEW WEEKS AGO I was talking with a professor from a nearby university.
Testimony of Healing

Prayer opens us up to discern and express even more of God's goodness.

Testimony of Healing
Last summer I developed a severe poison ivy rash on my legs and a painful fever blister on my lip.
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Recently a European visitor to our offices commented on what she saw as Americans' naiveté about the rest of the world, perhaps because of the general lack of historical context in American thinking.

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