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A March 29 Reuters photograph, showing a US medic cradling a little Iraqi girl in his arms after her mother had been killed by cross-fire on the front line near Rifa, has affected millions of newspaper readers.


After years of enjoying the Sentinel, it's time for me to write and tell you how much it means to me.
items of interest

items of interest

"In 1994, Paul Lessard received the Carnegie Hero Commission Fund Award for helping rescue a woman trapped in her car during a flash flood.

'The universal solvent of Love'

Solving the unsolvable—from a relationship in conflict, to armed conflict—is a labor of love, and here are some ideas that can lead to solutions.
Why does a soldier have to die? Why is there even a war? Hard questions. And ones a chaplain can't evade. Through prayer, this author has found some answers.

Learning to love Grubs

The inspiration of prayer is practical. It can even lead to healing and reconciling situations that happened long ago.
Two women who are from different cultures and who speak different languages find a close bond in their worship of the one God.

City on a hill—a torch lighting the darkness

A community in Israel that brings together Christians, Muslims, and Jews is proving that, in the words of one supporter, "There are a lot of good people everywhere, on every side."

To soldiers I've never met

A couple of days before the fighting began, I heard a young soldier on the radio.

Prayers for peace

Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God. ~Matthew 5:9


Lessons from Elizabeth

The abduction of Elizabeth Smart in Salt Lake City had a happy ending. But it also points out the need for specific prayer for the freedom of all young people, mental as well as physical.

Peace is the highest way

One recent Saturday, I decided to go to an antiwar rally on the Boston Common.
Testimony of Healing

I have learned that thought has everything to do with health, and that God is available to help us.

Testimony of Healing
When a blemish appeared on my face, I wasn't concerned at first.

Justice for all

How broad is your sense of justice?

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