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An honest buck

ON A COLD, DAMP MORNING this fall I hosted a yard sale.


I just want to thank you right away for the October 13 Sentinel on the theme of "You are never excluded from God's love.
items of interest

items of interest

"OF MORE THAN 1,000 American adults surveyed, over 74 percent express gratitude by openly displaying a positive attitude through written or verbal expressions of thanks, praying, volunteering, and acknowledging a higher power for the good in their lives.

Inclined to honesty

God doesn't incline us to dishonesty and then punish us for it. Instead, God causes us to realize our goodness and stop acting in ways that aren't satisfying.
A look at what's at the root of a healthy, functioning financial system.


What does a Hollywood movie stunt have to do with recovering stolen items through prayer? You'll find out.

I had to tell the TRUTH

Sometimes telling the truth is a matter of saving your life.
Being accused by the IRS is many people's worst nightmare. For the author; it became the steppingstone to greater trust in God.

Flight forces

Touching base with invisible Life-forces that uplift and guide.

A lesson in GIVING

In one of the world's poorest countries, a Peace Corps volunteer finds one of the richest examples of humanity's goodness.
For more than 100 years, the Weekly Bible Lessons, used as sermons in the Sunday services of Churches of Christ, Scientist, have been published in the Christian Science Quarterly.

I was never alone

My PARENTS DIVORCED when I was in grade school.
SPIRITUAL focus on television

Lies and videotape

The tease for a new series on network television went something like this: "Would [our network] lie to young woman?

What hath spam wrought?

The short answer to my question is: Nothing but trouble.
Testimony of Healing

A choice for spiritual healing of severe injury

I knew that God, divine Love, was the source of all good, never causing injury to His beloved children.

Testimony of Healing

Humble prayer brings freedom from pain

One Saturday, my husband and I decided to visit a friend who lived about 100 kilometers away.
FROM THE editors
In recent weeks, there have been troubling allegations of a breach of trust by traders on the New York Stock Exchange and by the mutualfund industry.

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