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I just finished the December 2 issue ["Always linked to God"] and feel so good about all the articles.
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items of interest

Items of interest

"MANY OF US [HAVE DIETING] among our New Year's resolutions.

A walk out of darkness into light

Kenny Simmons's solution to joblessness, homelessness, and drug addiction can be summed up in three words: "Seek God first." And he's proved it works.

'HOME' is where the heart is

There are tens of millions of homeless children living in the streets of the world. Whether or not you ever meet any of them, you can help them with your prayer.

Finding a place called home

The spiritual concept of home is with us wherever we are. Getting the concept more clearly enables each of us to find proper housing.

A friend of the Back Bay

Jim was a man of very modest means. But he gave out riches through his service to God and to those he knew.

Thank you, Lord, for healing me

How a Mexican pastor has incorporated the teachings of Christian Science into his own faith and ministry.

I reasoned that since I was God's creation, made in His likeness, then I must be like Him, and I couldn't be sick.


Even in the night

When I cannot see even one step in front of me, cannot see Your faithful hand that points the path, let Your presence be a beacon, a steady flame within, filling me with the purest peace.

Who will take care of me?

A comforting message came to the author when she was sick and alone: "There could not be a single need that God would not care enough about to meet."
A worker climbs the scaffolding on the outside of the Empire State Building on a stormy winter night.

Restraint can snowball

PLUTONIUM, way too much of it, could be coming soon to a black market near you.
Testimony of Healing

Safe—even in a combat zone

Knowing that everybody involved was God's beloved child, neutralized any tendency I might have had to identify the enemy soldiers as "evil."

Testimony of Healing

A helping hand

When I volunteered to deliver groceries for an organization that provides food and clothing to disadvantaged people, I assumed I'd be taking food to lower-income families in rural areas.
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While the industrialized world continues to focus on nuclear issues with North Korea, possible war in Iraq, and the global economy, there are people to whom these things mean relatively little.

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