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A woman's touch

"Who Can Find a virtuous woman?


Your articles are sharp and witty, always written from a broad-minded perspective.
items of interest

items of interest

"Americans Are Fed Up.
From October 6-9, hundreds of women—spiritual and religious leaders—convened a landmark international conference in Switzerland. Read first-hand accounts of how women are finding ways to enlarge their roles at the world's peace tables.

Common ground in Geneva

"Oh, yes," she said. "It is the right place to be!" And I got my chance to share with an appreciative Swamini that I, too, am a spiritual healer!

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A woman with years of experience working in the government arena gives examples of how prayer relates to politics.

UNITY among the races

Read how a stranger's courageous stand against racism changed the course of composer Walter Robinson's life, paving the way for a career that is breaking down the barriers of prejudice through the spiritual power of music.

A Stepmother's spiritual journey

Although she had a new home, husband, and kids, the author still felt left out. It was only after finding a love that truly satisfies that she was able to help both herself and her new family.
"May God help us all make the world a better place," says Sharif Gindy who, along with fellow Detroit-area Muslims, is reaching out—and praying—to do just that.

In her true light ...

Following the opening of The Mary Baker Eddy Library for the Betterment of Humanity on September 29, the Sentinel continues printing excerpts from the collection of previously unpublished writings.
The conference this month in Geneva, Switzerland, the Global Peace Initiative of Women Religious and Spiritual Leaders, marks an important step toward the world's acknowledgement of the qualities women have to offer in developing a more balanced perspective in the pursuit of peace.
Testimony of Healing

No amount of human passion, hatred, revenge, or zeal can overpower the goodness of our heritage as the children of God.

Testimony of Healing
I was introduced to spiritual healing when my eldest sister was healed of a terminal illness by reading Science and Health.
In 1986 The Christian Science Publishing Society published a book, prepared and edited by Richard Nenneman and Earl Foell, called How Peace Came to the World.

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