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We all have a few favorite reference books.
Author and trend-watcher, and former religion editor for Publishers Weekly, Phyllis Tickle comments on the accelerated interest in spirituality over the last decade, as seen in the publishing and sales of books on everything from angels to prayer to spirituality and health.

Science and Health is a book about possibilities.

Who would have imagined that Mary Baker Eddy would hurdle the considerable obstacles placed before women of her day and emerge as the author of a book that explains how to heal the way Jesus did? Find out more about her journey to this remarkable achievement.

A book that speaks to the heart

For some, the very thought of God makes them cower. For others, it's like a big bear hug. The difference depends in large part on how one views God's nature. Is He an angry Judge or a loving Mother? Science and Health sets forth a God you can feel embraced by—and rely on.

Science and Health: The first 125 years 1875-2000

Just a few months after the first publication of Science and Health, Bronson Alcott wrote Mrs. Eddy praising her book. Booker T. Washington commented briefly on it as well. For every well-known person offered the book, however, thousands and thousands of ordinary folk have found their way to it—and to healing through the study of it. Here, a sampling of such voices forms a chorus spanning well over 100 years.

A textbook for humanity

Nothing a sense of "urgency" among today's spiritual seekers, the Publisher of the Writings of Mary Baker Eddy describes the range of efforts being made to place Science and Health in the hands (and on the computer screens) of readers from all walks of life around the globe. She shares a few new readers' responses as well.

Science and Health: Voices from today 2000

Find out who's reading—and being healed by—Science and Health right now. Some struggled with it at first. Others felt right at home. None can put it down.

Chris Raymond talks about

The new Internet site offers a host of answers and opportunities to those surfing the Web for spiritual solutions. In addition to providing the full text of the Bible and Science and Health, the site allows one to talk with others and to keep a private spiritual journal. And that's not all.

You can look at Science and Health on your Palm Pilot.

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