One summer, while packing the car before heading off to ...

One summer, while packing the car before heading off to college, I started bleeding internally. A member of my family reminded me that she had suffered from the same problem a few times and had found it necessary to go to the hospital on those occasions. She said she expected that I had inherited the condition.

As I drove to school—a distance of about a hundred miles—I prayed to become more conscious of God and His perfect creation. I never will forget the calmness and peace I began to feel when the biblical account of the woman with the issue of blood came to me (Matt. 9:20): "A woman, which was diseased with an issue of blood twelve years, came behind him, and touched the hem of his garment." I perceived so clearly that the woman was not reaching for a material garment or the human Jesus, but instead, she was reaching out for the Christ, Truth. Jesus could not have been aware of her physically touching him because he was surrounded by scores of people pressing in on him. But he did respond to her mental plea for help. This woman felt something of the healing presence of the Christ, just as I was acknowledging it then and there as I drove.

Testimony of Healing
As a child of eight, I fell on some pavement and broke off a...
August 6, 1979

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