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God is universal Principle and Love, and man is everything God expresses. Man doesn't really live in a world of chance, of fluctuating substance, of wildly varying opportunity, where anything can occur—where the good, bad, or indifferent are irrational, a matter of luck. He is the ultimate of God's perfect self-manifestation. "Man," Mary Baker Eddy tells us, "is the climax of creation; and God is not without an ever-present witness, testifying of Himself." No and Yes, p. 17;

Whether individuals or nations live adequately (or even amply) is greatly influenced by the concepts that are accepted about God and man—whether we accept standard material views or reason somewhat along the lines of the foregoing. A perpetual struggle to cope financially can be seen as an opportunity to develop a higher sense of spiritual being. Christian Science gives us revolutionary insights that introduce us to new possibilities, and combat and defeat acute or chronic lack.

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January 29, 1979

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