Destroying destructive impulses

Spiritual impulses are derived from God, Soul. Others stem from a mortal sense of existence. A proper understanding of God brings into our lives pure, constructive, wise impulses. A growing love of God frees us of impure, destructive, unwise impulses.

Any impulse that turns us away from moral or spiritual activity is destructive. God is immortal. Spiritual impulses such as joy, inspiration, love, are immortal. Impulses that lead toward anger, fear, deceit, are destructive because they are erring—they flow from a sense of deterioration. By definition, mortality implies an end. But in reality, existence is not mortal. It is immortal. Existence composed of feelings that originate in mortality comes to an end. It plays out the role of mortal mind—the belief that mind is personal, separate from God. That belief ultimately dies. When we align ourselves with immortal sense, we win freedom from destructive impulses. Mrs. Eddy writes, "Because immortal sense has no error of sense, it has no sense of error; therefore it is without a destructive element." Science and Health, p. 210;

Let ages ring
January 22, 1979

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