Awakening from Hypnotic Influence

The Christian Science description of man as God's image may seem difficult to comprehend for individuals not aware of the absolute fact that there is only one creation—spiritual, perfect, and eternal. They will invariably ask the question, "If there is only one creation—spiritual, perfect, and eternal—how do you account for all the evil in the world?"

The Christian Scientist does not sidestep this question. He regards evil's supposed presence as illusory and explains the presentation by the five material senses as analogous to a blurred view of the landscape seen through binoculars improperly focused. There is nothing wrong with the landscape; a false view makes it seem as though there is something wrong. Similarly, everyday life is recognized by the Christian Scientist as being, at best, but a limited human view of spiritual reality. He learns that all the scenes in his daily life largely develop according to what he holds in thought. His experience is harmonious to the degree that he views reality and obeys its laws, but inharmonious if he accepts the pattern presented by the five material senses—too often sick, sinful, discordant.

"...the great Shepherd"
February 12, 1977

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