Prayer That Makes a Difference

Prayer of the right sort is never in vain. It always helps the one who prays as well as the object of the prayer—if this is being offered for another. True prayer uplifts and purifies human thought and brings it into harmony with divine law. Then, since our earth-life is the objectification of thought, this prayer results in uplifting, purifying, and making more harmonious our daily affairs. It cannot fail to have a healing effect on them. It always must make a difference for the better in human experience.

True prayer is based on an understanding of the goodness of God, Spirit, the one creator and supreme governor of the universe and man. It is supported by faith in the all-power of Love, and its motive is selfless. The one who prays should not be aiming to get some material benefit for himself or for another. Rather should he have the sincere desire to see God's will established on earth in goodness and harmony as it is being done in heaven.

The Measureless Attraction of Spirit
February 21, 1976

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