The Christian Science Lectures

The Christian Scientist recognizes that much more is involved in a Christian Science lecture than the outward act of giving a lecture. A Christian Science lecture demonstrates the activity of good establishing the understanding of reality, and wisely separates thought from the superstitions of matter. Our Leader writes in Miscellany (p. 269): "God hath thrust in the sickle, and He is separating the tares from the wheat. This hour is molten in the furnace of Soul. Its harvest song is world-wide, world-known, world-great. The vine is bringing forth its fruit; the beams of right have healing in their light." The lecture work primarily and properly considered provides not only the opportunity for the dissemination of the truth about Christian Science, but also the opportunity to demonstrate unity—practical cooperation between The Mother Church and its membership, represented by the branch organizations throughout the world, in spreading the constructive, healing message of Christian Science. This cooperation is most effective when it is the result of demonstration—careful, prayerful demonstration in every detail. The alert Christian Scientist understands that not one phase of the lecture work may be considered to be insignificant. With this as a starting point, a full fruitage of keen interest and healing may be looked for with reasonable certainty.

A belief, the effect of which must necessarily be to discourage thought and to prevent the highest realization of good, is sometimes voiced in the words, "We are just a little handful here." Here is an admission of the sense of limitation at the outset which tends to hinder endeavor and fruitage. Is God less with one in a small community than with one in a great city? The dignity, beauty, and magnitude of Christian Science serve to uplift thought in this connection, and hold consciousness in proper relation to God.

February 11, 1922

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