When I turned to Christian Science for healing, several...

When I turned to Christian Science for healing, several years ago, I did not resort to it because I had any faith in it or understood it in the least. In fact I had always opposed what I believed Christian Science to be. All my life I had been considered rather delicate and had had numerous ailments at one time and another. At last the physician who was then attending me told me he could do nothing more for me except perform an operation, which he would not do because he did not consider me strong enough to go through with it. In desperation I went to see a Christian Science practitioner. I was greatly helped at that first and I went back the next day and for many days after that, because I wanted to learn more of Christian Science. I bought a copy of "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy and commenced reading the Lesson Sermon every day. In three days the members of my family remarked about the decided improvement in me, and the condition which the physician said could only be relieved by an operation was perfectly corrected in a few months.

A little over a year after I began the study of Christian Science, our little son came to us. Although material law had voiced many adverse decisions, his advent was normal. I went the experience absolutely unafraid, which was a great demonstration to me, as I had always been very full of fear at the thought of such an ordeal. I am grateful to the practitioner whose clear thinking was a great help and comfort at that time. In our family, we have had many demonstrations of the curative power of Truth, some of them instantaneous, some more protracted, but all of them proving the healing efficacy of Christian Science when rightly applied. I am very thankful that Mrs. Eddy, through her purity of thought and self-immolation, was enabled to give this wonderful truth to humanity. The Christian Science literature, which Mrs. Eddy established, is a constant inspiration, especially The Christian Science Monitor, which comes every day with its message of good cheer and its authentic world news.

Testimony of Healing
Having in some degree learned, thanks to Christian Science...
August 6, 1921

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