Keeping the Vision

In Proverbs we read, "Where there is no vision, the people perish." One hears much in these strenuous modern times, of ambition, desire for preferment, pride of place and high position. The man who reaches these high places is pointed to as worthy of praise. The unthinking person, therefore, strives for the things which the world calls good until, little by little, the clear vision of childhood and early youth fades and new and less worthy desires prod to greater striving for the things which never satisfy and the keen delight of worth while vision lessens. While material aims predominate one is indeed in the valley instead of on the mount. If, however, the vision is clear enough, the vision which shows man made in God's image, capable of all that that relationship implies, if ambition is untinctured with desire for human power or praise, the heights will be reached.

Mary, the mother of Jesus, kept the vision and pondered in her heart the wonderful things which God had showed to her, watching with patient love the child who had been from the beginning a most un-understandable problem. Hiding in her heart the things which she did not understand, she trusted and fared on to greater knowledge, secure in her faith that all was well. Christ Jesus kept the vision, with nothing of pomp or power to ease the rugged way. It was enough that he was reflecting the one infinite Mind, that he was thus always about his Father's business. He sought not those of high degree but chose the lowly fishermen to be his companions. He supped with the humblest and needed not the trappings of high estate nor the praise of those called great to encourage or sustain him on his way. In those last earthly hours, his eyes alone seeing through the darkness, he could still behold the vision, realizing that the understanding of Mind and Mind's idea is the only prize, the only goal of true ambition.

March 26, 1921

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