Having been the recipient of so many blessings through...

Having been the recipient of so many blessings through Christian Science, and of so much benefit through reading the testimonies of others, I feel it my duty as well as my privilege to acknowledge publicly through the Sentinel my gratitude for these blessings.

With me it was purely a case of man's extremity being God's opportunity, as I did not come into Science until I had reached the point where human help was of no avail. Since then I have been the recipient of so many blessings that it would take a very lengthy testimony to enumerate them all. However, I should like to tell of a demonstration made with our little boy when he was but six months old. On June 29, 1919, after his midday nap, my wife went into the room to dress him and when she reached his crib found that a medium sized safety pin, used to pin up one of his stockings, was missing. The stocking not being torn, it was evident to her that the pin must have been opened before being removed from the stocking. This, coupled with the fact that it could not be found anywhere in the room and that when she picked the baby up he was crying as though swallowing with difficulty, made her feel certain that he had swallowed the open pin. My wife was not a Scientist at the time and, becoming very much alarmed, telephoned for a physician, who examined the baby as best he could without any apparatus and assured her that the baby had not swallowed the pin as he was apparently not suffering any pain or discomfort. To be absolutely sure, he took the baby to another physician, where an examination was made with the fluoroscope.

Testimony of Healing
As a child my young daughter was subject to severe attacks...
March 12, 1921

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