If any man is grateful for what Christian Science has...

If any man is grateful for what Christian Science has done for him it is I. From a man seeking the life of another I was changed into a seeker of Truth. Mortal mind, so called, argued that I was having the worst thing done to me that any man could have done to him, and screamed: "Follow and destroy. You have truth and justice on your side. No jury on earth would convict you." Of course, looking for error I found lots of it; but, as Mrs. Eddy writes in "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" (p. 476), "Error, urged to its final limits, is self-destroyed," which the following will prove.

All of my case was proved against my supposed enemy. Every detail was perfect. I had the evidence of his guilt in my pocket, and I did not care if I were apprehended or not after his destruction. I had no weapons but my two hands. I am a large man physically and at that time stood six feet, weighed over two hundred pounds, and had plenty of merely animal courage. I boarded the train and went to the city depot. I knew where to get off and take an elevated train to my supposed enemy's place of business. When the train stopped at the terminal I was in the rear end of the last car. As I followed the other passengers out I saw a copy of the Christian Science Sentinel lying on a seat. I picked it up and kept on walking. I do not know what I read, but I do know I walked maybe sixty or one hundred feet to a telephone booth, picked up a directory, found the word Christian Science, and the word practitioner after it. I did not know what they did, but I knew what the word "Christian" meant, so I found the telephone number of the one who I thought was the nearest to my residence, called her up, made an appointment with her for that evening, then walked out of that booth into a new world, and went about my duties, and that evening I received my first treatment in Christian Science. The first thing I was cured of was fear. I went home and slept all night, something I had not done in five months. In the morning, as usual, the first thing I started to do was take a chew of tobacco. Immediately there was such disgust for it that I threw it and a handsome leather pouch in the garbage can and have not used any chewing tobacco since.

Testimony of Healing
To have proved by actual demonstration the truth of the...
January 29, 1921

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