In thinking over what it really means to have dominion over the body, it seemed helpful to me to analyze what it is that has dominion and what it has dominion over. The material body is the expression of mortal mind and, as such, can only be expected to express the qualities of mortal mind. As matter it is, of course, nothing but a counterfeit of the reality, and it is comparatively easy to see how great an influence mortal mind has over the body when it is seen that expressions of hate and anger, which are mental, can affect the body in the way they do. It is only logical to assume that other mental conditions, though not perhaps so pronounced, such as fear or anxiety, equally affect the material body; and Christian Science teaches that inasmuch as the cause of all discord is mental, so the cure for all discord must also be mental.

In "Miscellaneous Writings" (p. 16), Mrs. Eddy says, "But, as one grows into the manhood or womanhood of Christianity, one finds so much lacking, and so very much requisite to become wholly Christlike, that one saith: The Principle of Christianity is infinite: it is indeed God; and this infinite Principle hath infinite claims on man, and these claims are divine, not human; and man's ability to meet them is from God; for, being His likeness and image, man must reflect the full dominion of Spirit—even its supremacy over sin, sickness, and death."

The Star of Bethlehem
November 13, 1920

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