The First Testimony Meetings

Perhaps the first Christian testimony meeting of which we have any record was held in a prison cell. John the Baptist conducted the simple ceremony, and around him were the few faithful students whose devotion had gained for them admission to their teacher in prison. Eagerly these earnest men, one after another, told of the instantaneous healing work which they had witnessed. The lame walk, they reported to John, the blind are healed so that they can see, the dumb are made to speak, and those who are ready may learn how this healing is done, and the good news of health and holiness is brought to them. Another testimony meeting is recounted in the fourteenth chapter of John. Jesus is here trying to reveal the secret of his mission and of life itself, and finally has to have recourse to his healing works to afford the necessary proof. At this meeting Jesus taught that if we study the truth and keep everlastingly at it we shall be entirely free from fear, error, evil, and discord of every sort.

Once we perceive God as Spirit, Mind, or Soul, we can think of man as the child of God, entirely spiritual and the very image and likeness of Soul. God, Mind, or Spirit is infinite, and man, God's spiritual offspring, lives, moves, and has his being in God. Man, therefore, has a place in Principle and cannot be made to believe or imagine that he has any cause to be troubled or fearful. Christ Jesus blazed the way of safety through the mazes of mortal belief and trouble by the perfect understanding of God and His omnipotence, omnipresence, and omniscience, and we have only to follow in his footsteps. Not only this, but his teaching are ever with us as we take each step in the path, so that we have only to study the way we are confronted with doubt and fear. Jesus the Christ has demonstrated man's real spiritual being, and we know that he did it by declaring and realizing always and in every circumstance that God is Spirit and that man is the offspring of God.

October 2, 1920

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