Will you allow me to refer to the report to the effect...

Surrey Comet

Will you allow me to refer to the report to the effect that, at a meeting of the Kingston-on-Thames town council, it was decided that the question of the acceptance of the presentation copy of "The Life of Mary Baker Eddy" should be "sent back for further consideration," because the doctrines of Mrs. Eddy were "dangerous to health and life." It appears from the report that the book was originally accepted because "the committee felt that nobody would be likely to read it." This would surely imply that the library committee of the Free Public Library, an institution maintained I presume by the ratepayers, take it upon themselves to accept a book presented to the library on the ground that they believe the public will not read it. As soon, however, as there is a demand for the book, or it is considered that there may be a demand for it, the book in question is "sent back for further consideration," a form of procedure which will scarcely commend itself to the residents in Kingston.

The reason given for this action is also frankly surprising. The teachings of Christian Science are based on absolute Truth, the knowledge of which Jesus emphatically declare would make men free. The teachings of the Master were proved to be scientific, and therefore demonstrable, by the innumerable cases of the healing of sickness and the destruction of sin and discord accomplished by Christ Jesus himself and his disciples. Referring to these works, the Master said, in language which it is impossible to misunderstand, "He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also." He, that is, who not only accepts the theory of the teachings of Jesus the Christ, but understands them, will be able to demonstrate the same, apply them to his every-day needs. This is the message Mrs. Eddy has given to humanity, and she has shown mankind in the Christian Science text-book, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures," that those same teachings which were proved to be so practical not only while the Master was explaining them to his disciples and the multitudes, but also for some three or four hundred years after the ascension, are in every way as practical and as much to be demonstrated today. Since, therefore, she is simply reiterating what Jesus himself declared, it is hardly credible that a body of men can be found who can say with all seriousness that such doctrines are "dangerous to health and life."

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