The term "absolute" has found its real meaning in Christian Science. Outside of this teaching the true signification of absolute cannot positively be cognized, for all material theories must fall short of the absolute in some degree at least, since materiality means finity, imperfection, at some point. Absolute in Christian Science is not relative nor in any sense limited, for God is the Principle of the Science of Mind, or Christian Science, and He is omnipotent, infinite. One realizes the strength that is in and of Mind alone, when one attains to that spiritual consciousness, the Mind that was also in Christ Jesus, through the unity of understanding.

The Christian Science practitioner is daily meeting error in its numerous manifestations called sickness. Some mortal mind law transgressed, knowingly or unknowingly, has resulted in seeming physical inharmony. What is our refuge? How shall this evil belief be cast out? How joyfilled is the assurance that God is absolute good, therefore eternal in harmony; and since the divine mandate, "Let us make man in our image, after our likeness," means reflection of the infinite good, the fact stands, that what was made in God's image is still God's image, for infinity cannot be less than infinite. Knowing this truth, we base all on the one absolute Principle, which can be applied as definitely and as unfailingly as any mathematician applies his rules in mathematics.

March 30, 1912

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