Permit me to voice my sentiments on the recent vitriolic...

Detroit (Mich.) Journal

Permit me to voice my sentiments on the recent vitriolic attack of a clergyman against Christian Science in your issue of April 12. It is characteristic of the middle ages, but, thank God, we of the present day are living in an enlightened age. The truth will prevail in spite of any organization that would attempt to smother thought. It might as well protest against the great sea waves, as to attempt to stop the progress of any movement whose only aim is the spiritual uplift of humanity. I am not writings as a Christian Scientist, as I do not belong to any church and only recently have I looked into their tenets. Up to that time I was in an infidel state of mind. Speaking from personal experience, I will say that since my investigation of the subject, I view the Bible from a very different standpoint than formerly.

This critic says, "We are at fault in not defending the gospel. Christian Science is the worst form of heresy that confronts the true teachings of the Scriptures, and hardly a page of the Bible is not contradicted by it. It is superlative idiocy, and the most insidious, dangerous, and destructive thing that opposes itself to the gospel of Jesus Christ." Assuming that he has been correctly quoted, it seems to me his criticism is harsh and decidedly unchristian. I would ask him to open his Bible at the seventh chapter of Matthew and read the first five verses, which will give him some good advice from the Master himself. Why "superlative idiocy"? Simply because it has ideas not contained in his creed? Because we do not understand a thing is no reason it may not be a fact.

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