Mrs. Eddy claims certain Scriptural propositions to be...

Boston American

Mrs. Eddy claims certain Scriptural propositions to be true, namely, that God is Mind, Spirit, Life, Truth, Love; that man, in keeping with the scientific proposition that like begets like, is God's image and likeness, and is therefore spiritual. That Mrs. Eddy's interpretation of these premises, as well as the conclusions which she has drawn therefrom, are her discovery, is easily proved by the fact that outside the Bible and those works which are based upon Mrs. Eddy's teaching, the conjoined propositions which she presents are not to be found elsewhere in literature. Mrs. Eddy's position in regard to her discovery is simply her insistence upon the fact that her ideas are not in accord with those Scriptural interpretations which have heretofore been introduced. She is not concerned about her personality, but is simply insistent upon the distinct individuality of Christian Science. Mrs. Eddy claims no honor whatever respecting those things which differ from her teaching, and her affirmation concerning her own teaching is that it is demonstrably true and is therefore the emanation of eternal Truth—is of God.

So he died for his faith...
December 4, 1909

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