"Even Athena grew"

The old proverbs and bits of wisdom, as well as the stories of ancient mythology which have stayed with us from our school days, often come back with renewed force as we see them in the added light which Christian Science throws upon things. The proverb quoted above, which has come down to us from the Greeks, was familiar to the students of the of the classics in a certain university where, as a motto, it adorned the wall of the class room. I remember once seeing a series of pictures representing Athena in different periods of Grecian history, showing that, as the Greeks advanced in learning and civilization, their conception of the goddess of knowledge advanced, until we have the beautiful figure of the modern Greek Athena and the parallel conception of the Romans in Minerva.

In this way the lesson was taught that even the highest mental attainments are the result of growth, and that they are not reached at a bound. A careful study of the life and works of the Master shows progression and growth in understanding, and power. From the simpler manifestations of awakening spiritual consciousness he progressed to the crowning demonstration in his own resurrection and ascension.

Consecrated Oil
March 25, 1905

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