It has been urged by many among those who have not...

Maple Rapids (Mich.) Dispatch

It has been urged by many among those who have not experienced the boundless joy of this spiritual healing, that it is not the Christ healing because not instantaneous and not always successful; and also that if Christian Science can heal one it can heal the world. The thought of Jesus was so imbued with the understanding of the divine healing Spirit, that he could so deeply and wisely plant in the ready human thought the seed of Spirit that it would spring at once into visible manifestation. Because this spontaneous fruitage did not follow the prayers and efforts of his disciples and followers in the same degree, because they could not walk the wave, still the tempest and heal the multitudes in the degree their Master did, can it be justly said of them that their light did not have the nature and essence of his light? Because the candle does not dispel as much darkness as the sun, can it be truly said that its light is unlike the light of the sun? The work of Jesus purified, uplifted, and healed the minds of men, and because he knew that God's healing was not partial and fragmentary, but full and complete, the physical healing followed as a necessary result. It has been argued that if Jesus could have healed ten lepers he could have healed all the lepers in Palestine, and that if he were the Son of God, and loved men as he professed, he would have done so, and that because many lepers existed during his time that he did not heal, the conclusion has been erroneously drawn that he did not heal any. He healed none who did not come to him for it, and with some readiness of thought to receive the healing word of God. As it was then so it is now. John Carveth.Maple Rapids (Mich.) Dispatch.

Among the Churches
February 4, 1905

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