Glasses Needed no Longer

For about a year and a half before May 21, 1898, I had been doctoring with a prominent physician in Concord, N. H., for a very lame arm. It was so stiff that I could hear my shoulder crack when I attempted to move it backwards, and it seemed like a heavy weight. Electricity was applied; but I could scarcely feel it, and my physician said, "I did not know your arm was as bad as that; it is almost paralyzed!" I had many treatments by electricity, but my arm was not benefited. The doctor advised trying massage treatment, so I went to a lady in Concord who gave me about thirty treatments, but my arm remained just as stiff as ever. Becoming discouraged I gave up the treatment a week before Christmas, 1897. From then till the May following I kept trying various patent medicines with no effect whatever.

May 21, 1898, a beautiful morning, I drove to the home of a friend, Mrs. M., on State Street with my sister. Mrs. M. asked me how my arm was. I answered, "Oh, just the same, stiff as ever." She turned her head and said, "You know what I would do." I quickly said, "Well, you had better treat it," and she said, "I will if you do nothing more for it." I told her I was discouraged about trying any more medicine for it. She advised my reading "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures." I procured a copy from the library and read it for the first time, feeling uplifted by it. I did not go to see Mrs. M. for a month, and then my arm was completely healed by her absent treatment, and it has remained so, perfectly free. Mrs. M. had just taken a course in Christian Science, and I believe I was her first patient. I realized it was beautiful demonstration of God's love.

Testimony of Healing
A Severe Burn Healed
December 20, 1900

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