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"Whither shall I go..."

A reporter witnesses divine protection and peace in the wake of a series of tornadoes in the American Midwest.

Radical reliance on Truth heals

In the face of serious injuries from a car accident, a young mother holds steadfastly to the Truth.

Finding the lost ring

Prayer brought comfort and trust in God’s care.

Thou shalt not...lack?

A new twist on the commandments sparks a fresh understanding of God’s provisions.

Through deep waters

Financial challenges and grief lead this writer to seek a higher understanding of God's love.

God knows our needs

A bike ride to the theater turns out to offer great lessons on God. 

Selah—A small but mighty word

Be on the lookout for those pauses.

Joy is yours

It is our God-given heritage to be joyful.

How our family helped with storm relief

Fellowship, coupled with prayer, can help those in dire need.

Christ—Giving us exact answers, exact direction

The repeated cranking coming from an airplane wing didn’t sound normal. Rather than panic, this passenger began to pray.