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It is the unbreakable unity of God and man that makes the divine nature available to everyone. 
To turn to God is to anticipate—and then receive—only good.
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Who are our friends?

The word friend is speaking to and calling upon the unifying presence of divine Love. 

My experience with the Holy Spirit

I knew from experience that if I prayed, God would guide me. I stopped focusing on fearful “what ifs” and just got quiet.
TeenConnect: Q&A
She felt everyone was better than she was—and that they knew it. But rather than staying stuck in those feelings, she went looking for help—and she found it in Christian Science.
Testimony of Healing
The testimony meeting started. As the first testifier stood, so did I, completely free of pain or discomfort.
Testimony of Healing
I realized I could think more deeply about what it meant to put my relationship to God first in my life.
There was a lot of the comfort of divine Love being expressed, and it warmed me. I knew that this was God’s ever-presence surrounding me with the warmth of Love.
Bible Lens

Doctrine of Atonement

In its larger sense, the law stands for all divinely revealed doctrine and counsel.
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