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[Nathan Talbot, “You belong to God,” Sentinel, August 31, 2020]
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This fact remains forever unchanged: God greatly loves all His children.
We need to radically counter ingrained currents with spiritual truth in order to effect lasting change.

God’s tender fathering

God and man can’t be split apart, with man left to drift off on his own.
God was looking out for all of His “sheep” and wouldn’t leave anyone stranded.
How I Found Christian Science
Ever since I was a small child, I loved Jesus.
Did you know that you’re just like your Father?
Testimony of Healing
Is it possible to be benefited ourselves when praying for others?
Testimony of Healing

“I’ve got your back”

It’s not an expression I normally use.
Testimony of Healing
I was on a 24-acre property taking professional photos for a home sale when the owner’s dogs approached me, barking loudly.
This wasn’t a warfare against a worsening condition. It was a mental conflict between opposing perceptions of what was going on.
Bible Lens

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