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From the readers

[Sentinel Watch, Mary Trammell, Dave Hohle, and Tony Lobl, “Pausing, praying and proceeding,” JSH-Online.
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Most good things in life must be earned. But not grace. 
Sin must not be ignored. It must be healed.
Is there any way to prevent violence other than doing the hard work of helping others feel valued and included?

Found: Freedom from an injustice

Divine comfort never left me.
It was 8 a.
I’ve been blessed with a conviction that wherever I need to go, God will lead me, and I can find the comfort of home.
Testimony of Healing

Flu symptoms vanish

About ten years ago I had what I think of as my favorite healing.
Testimony of Healing
As I was reading a fairly recent Bible Lesson on the topic of “Christ Jesus”.
Testimony of Healing

Ankle injury healed

During a game of five-a-side football.
Image and Inspiration

'Metaphysics, not physics, enables us ...'

Goodness, purity, and innocence are indestructible, spiritual qualities we include as God’s offspring.
Bible Lens

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