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[Amy Lang, “A divinely scientific solution to climate change,” Sentinel, February 5, 2018]
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Faced with many uncertainties, including how I would sell a family business, I could have risen up and asserted myself as a “strong female.” 
When we truly understand the spiritual facts, we’re able  to rely on them unreservedly.
When archaeologists open Egyptian tombs that have been hidden and dark for thousands of years, their bright lamps immediately flood the rooms, revealing beautiful treasures.

Views of womanhood: strength and fortitude

Sentinel contributor Shelly Richardson interviewed Christian Scientists Stephanie Simon and her mother Maria Camaliche-Simon about womanhood and prayer in entering a male-dominated profession.

Waking up to healing

This experience could help me grow as a Christian Scientist and feel closer to God.
Testimony of Healing
For several years my left breast was sensitive to touch and had a pressure or hardness in it that seemed to come and go.
Testimony of Healing
Sing unto God, ye kingdoms of the earth; O sing praises unto the Lord.
—Psalms 68:32
Testimony of Healing
Several years ago my mother passed on, and I flew down to South Africa immediately upon hearing the news.
Testimony of Healing

Freedom of mobility regained

Walking across a parking lot one morning years ago, I heard a clap of thunder that made me want to bolt to my car to beat the downpour that seemed likely to happen at any minute.
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'When Christ changes a belief ...'

Ice formations on Lake Michigan
Our progress toward equality is the inevitable result of understanding eternal truths. 
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